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About Denorex



Can Denorex Be Used On Permed Hair?

All Denorex products are safe to use on permed hair

Can Denorex Packaging Be Recycled?

The Denorex box is recyclable with other cardboard products. Denorex bottles are made of the plastic HDPE which is recyclable in most areas. Consult your local recycling center.

Is Denorex Safe and Effective?

Coal tar/Menthol and Salicylic acid formulas are approved by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective for over-the-counter use.

Does Denorex Stain Fabric?

All Denorex products containing salicylic acid will not stain clothing or other fabrics. Products with coal tar may stain clothing or other fabrics.

Is Denorex A Clarifying Shampoo?

No. Denorex is not a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoo is an acidic shampoo containing lemon juice or cider vinegar that removes the buildup of minerals, conditioners, shampoos, or styling products from the hair.

Is Denorex Available In Other Countries?

Denorex is available in Canada. Canadian Denorex’s Extra Strength formula contains coal tar while the Denorex Balanced Strength formula uses salicylic acid.

Can Denorex Be Used On Colored Hair?

Formulas using coal tar or salicylic acid may discolor hair. Salicylic acid will strip hair dye from the porous tips of damaged hair, leaving only the dye taken deep into the capillary fiber. Our guess is that this situation is not a temporary reaction but that the hair color has been stripped and will remain as is until the hair is re-colored.

Can Denorex Be Used for Continued Use?

Denorex can be used daily but if symptoms are not reduced, a physician should be consulted. Continuing long-term use of products does not cause tolerance to the ingredients. One does not build up immunity.

Does Denorex Cure Dandruff?

There is no known permanent cure for dandruff and the condition may require treatment for many years. Dandruff and psoriasis can manifest itself with symptoms that may be affected by factors such as humidity, dryness, stress, diet and other conditions. Symptoms may even be seasonal.

What is the tingling sensation?

The tingling sensation is associated with the menthol, and indicates that the product is beginning to work.

Can I use Denorex for open sores?

Denorex is not indicated for treatment of open sores. You should consult a healthcare professional before using Denorex or any over-the-counter drug other than as directed on the label.

Why is there a warning about cancer?

The State of California established (through Proposition 65) a list of ingredients that are known to be potential carcinogens, and requires that any product distributed in California containing such ingredients show this warning.

Coal tar has been found to be a possible cancer causing substance although a very large amount would have to be used for it to be a problem. The Attorney General of California has clarified the fact that inclusion in the list does not imply that the product is unsafe as used. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that Coal Tar is one of only 2 active ingredients (salicylic acid is the other) that are safe and effective for over-the-counter use to control itchy, flaky scalp caused by dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. FDA is the legal authority for all drugs (Denorex is considered an over- the-counter drug) sold in the U.S.

Why have we reduced the amount of coal tar in Therapeutic Denorex?

Therapeutic Denorex is now a dual-active-ingredient formula which is approved to both control the symptoms of dandruff and provide additional relief of scalp itch. The Food & Drug Administration specified the optimal ratio of the 2 active ingredients – coal tar and menthol – for maximum effectiveness against dandruff and scalp itch.

Where can I purchase Denorex?

Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and on our website: here

What are your current retail products?

Denorex Extra Strength and Denorex Therapeutic. Denorex Dual Force and Denorex Complete are online exclusives, not sold in stores.

What is Zincon Shampoo?

Zincon® contains pyrithione zinc, a clinically proven anti-dandruff compound. Zincon® controls dandruff flaking while leaving hair clean, shiny and manageable. It is the dandruff shampoo you can make your regular shampoo. Zincon controls dandruff itching and flaking, and leaves hair clean and easy to manage.