Dry Scalp Treatment: Relieve That Dry Itchy Feeling


Who Has Dry Itchy Scalp?

Many people suffer from dry scalp. The dryness could be a result of dandruff or it could the cause; chicken or the egg. Either way, it’s a frustrating yet common symptom of an underlying problem. In a healthy scalp skin cells create an overlapping wall that allows in hydration and locks in moisture. But when you suffer from dry scalp your skin’s defensive barrier becomes irritated and damaged and can no longer retain the moisture it needs.

A weakened barrier allows hydration to escape and can result in a feeling of tightness, itching and irritation and that pesky symptom; flaky scalp. But you have more control over that scalp of yours than you think…


What is the Best Dry Scalp Treatment?

Most dandruff shampoos claim to deal with dry scalp but only end up providing temporary relief from your symptoms. This is because without a shampoo that tackles the source of your dry scalp problem you will be hard pressed to find lasting relief.

Certain brand-name dandruff shampoos just hydrate from the outside with only temporary results and little to no lasting effect on flaky scalp. But restoring your skin’s ability to hold in moisture is a battle fought inside out. That’s why finding a shampoo like Denorex with active ingredients that penetrate the skin and strengthen your scalp is your best treatment solution. The goal is to assist weakened scalp and lock in moisture permanently.

Remember, there are other tricks to keeping a healthy and hydrated scalp; like a balanced diet (with plenty of Zinc, B-vitamins and Omega3 Fatty Acids) and drinking plenty of water. Also, pay attention to your surroundings. If it’s a particularly cold winter your skin might be drying out due to dry heating in your home/work place. Use humidifiers and give your dry itchy scalp a fighting chance.


What Shampoo Should I Use for Dry Scalp?

Since the best offense is a good defense we recommend choosing a dandruff shampoo that will offer long lasting results; restoring scalp health and building up defenses to hold in moisture. Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo (part of the Denorex® Complete Kit) uses Pyrithione zinc to battle the source of the problem and rebuild your scalps’ defenses. Rotate Zincon with Therapeutic Denorex® Maximum Itch, our Coal Tar & Menthol infused formula, to soothe itch caused by dry itchy scalp and reduce flaking long-term.